Customer Feedback

I think this outfit is awesome.
Jane Zilker

I have to admit that when I found it on the web, I have not been looking for it. But I liked the idea and decided to try it out. I have used it for almost two months now and I can absolutely recommend it.
Ann Smith

My girlfriend has always felt a bit uneasy when aiming for a sauna, because she was uncomfortable with getting naked in front of complete strangers. With the set I have gotten her the problem is now history.
Tom Casey

I like the fact that it is made purely form natural fabric – 100% cotton.
Sam Gillmore

Simple and natural. All as expected.
Lilly T.

I bought it a couple of months ago and after a few washes it has gotten softer and stayed like that since. Feels very comfy when I wear it - nice job by the designer.
Timmy Mendez
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