About Us
YEYE brand was conceived with a thought of women who desire to feel comfortable even in a humid place like sauna. 

It is not relevant how old you are, where you come from and how you are built, with YEYE you will feel freely.  

It's well known that frequent visits in a sauna help reduce stress and fatigue and positively influence the skin.   

However, to many Woman nudity is such an issue that they simply give up.  

Thanks to YEYE you will eagerly take advantage of sauna. Our outfit will insure your comfort and ease of use and provide functionality while staying eco to nature.  

Angelika Olsza - a refined passionate of life, style and comfort, the designer and the face of the brand - announces with pride: 

“Ignore nudity or folding towels, start feeling happy and liberated. Put a beautiful two pieces, neat sauna outfit on your body and stun everyone with your sensuality.”  

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YEYE in Swahili language means
Sauna has a cleansing effect not only on the skin of your face, but also your whole body. When sweating, your system gets rid of toxins and various pollutions. This process is amplified by kidneys, which accelerate the metabolism residue removal when subjected to increased temperatures. Many will also be pleased by the fact that sauna helps fight cellulite. This is assisted by the amplification of our metabolism caused by heat and increased blood circulation.
In the below section we will present product which are safe to use in sauna.
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