1. What are the outfits made from ?
Our outfits are made from pure cotton, which allows to take advantage of the benefits of sauna in a healthy manner.
Our skin is free to breathe, while the areas that we might otherwise be uncomfortable to expose are subtly covered.

2. Do YEYE outfits follow the best practices reccomendations for sauna usage?
YES. In general one should be nude when bathing in the sauna. Nevertheless, many women almost fully cover themselves in towels or pareos due to cultural preferences. Our outfit is fully natural and is in fact a towel or pareo substitute, however it is actually more functional, since it allows us to expose a significant part of our skin to heat and allows its unobstructed breathing, while covering essential private parts.

3. What makes a set ?
A set is a skirt and a bra packed in a practical, 100% cotton carrying bag, which you can use as a small purse during your sauna visits.

4. How to select the right size ?
The below size guide table is availbe for your reference. If you need the skirt and bra to be of different sizes, write us. We will be glad to assist you with a selection of your personalized set.

Skirt length13 in14 in15 in
Skirt inseam 37 in39 in40 in
Obwód biustonosza68-9670-10074-104

5. Is the material going to remain equally inflexible ?
It is recommended to wash each set before its first usage. The cotton it is made from will soften after one or two washes. This is inherent for a thick and natural fabric which we have used in our outfits.

6. Is it a must to visit a sauna dressed as Adam & Eve ?
Being nude in sauna is pre-assumed. Even if you are going in it straight after swimming in the pool, a swimsuit is not the right attire. Why ? It is artificial (at least partially) and due to this it makes body temperature control very difficult, on top of that it can be a reason of burns, sometimes serious. So what if you are uncomfortable when naked ? Luckily there is a safe alternative. YEYE outfits are cozy and what is more important, they are made from 100% pure natural cotton. Wearing them will make comfortable and instead of feeling awkward, you will simply get relaxed. 

7. You would actually go to sauna, but you feel embarrassed ?
The first sauna visit can be intimidating. You could be thinking if it makes sense at all, if instead of relaxing, you will get stressed by nudity. It is key to remember, that for experienced sauna users, the lack of clothes is entirely natural and they do not visit it to observe other people. If you are still not convinced, we suggest the following two solutions:

1. Wear our natural cotton set. Such outfit does not obstruct natural heat exchange, is comfy and safe.

2. Choose a cameral facility, pick hours of lower attendance. Many locations will allow you to book the sauna for your exclusive usage. This is a prime idea to break the ice. 

8. What do we need to take with us and how should we prepare ?
It is all less complex then it initially appears to be ! When it comes to accessories, going to sauna is not much different to aiming for a swimming pool. You’ll probably need flip-flops, a towel, a hairband. At the same time you will not need your swimsuit – saunas are in general “no textile” areas, but if you want to feel comfortable, we recommend 100% natural YEYE outfits.

9. What should you not do in a sauna ?
If you going to a sauna which is located in a complex with swimming pools, remember, that you must not enter it in your swimsuit. It is for your safety – the fabric, of which the swimsuits are made, when exposed to high temperatures can potentially inflict burns to your skin. If you are afraid that you will be embarrassed when naked in sauna, pick the cotton Yeye set.

10. Stages of stay in the sauna.
Unfortunately it is not commonly known, that the visit in a sauna should be divided into several stages. And this is important. It is not as simple, as entering there and leaving after some time. In order to achieve best results, you should heat up your body and then cool it down. Such a cycle should be repeated two to three times. Heating up should last from ten to fifteen minutes, cooling down should take several minutes as a minimum. Only such a visit will allow you to fully take advantage of its beneficial influence.

11. Does sauna cause weight loss ?
Unfortunately we cannot confirm. A slightly lower weight after sauna or a feeling of lightness are a result of dehydration. BUT ! Sauna does assist weight control. How ? It stimulates metabolism, helps remove toxins, increases blood circulation. It is one of more pleasant methods of assisting easier weight loss.

12. Did you ever think how often one should use sauna ?
A good habit is to go to sauna once a week. The effects of such visit remain up to seven days. On occasion you might increase that to two or three times per week.
Sporadic, irregular visits will not bring about expected effects, i.e. it will not strengthen your body and will not help prevent colds.

13. I have a ___ skin. Can I use sauna ?
You are out of luck this time – it is not a myth – persons with ___ skin should actually avoid sauna visits. High temperature causes your blood vessels to expand and rupture. Unaesthetic veins right under your skin may appear not only on your face, but anywhere on your body. This is worth to consider, if you do not want to spoil the complexion.

14. Sauna before or after a rich meal ?
Visiting a sauna right after a meal in not a good idea. When your body is busy digesting, it may experience issues with proper heat control. However, going there really hungry is not recommended either. Under such circumstances it is easy to pass out or weaken your body excessively. Sauna should be relaxing and it is a bit tricky to rest well when uncomfortably thirsty or hungry.

15. What about footwear ?
Flip-flops or alike is sth one should carry when aiming for a sauna. They can prevent slipping, especially when the sauna we are visiting is in a swimming pool complex. Upon entering a sauna, you should take them off, typically there is room to leave them next to sauna door. And what about feet sweating ? It is best to have two towels – one to sit on, another to put under your feet.

16. Do you know that during a sauna session your skin will lose up to 1.5 liters of water ?
This is why it is crucial to hydrate well before entering it. How to do that ? It is best to start drinking water already a few hours before and keep doing that gradually, in small portions. How about drinking during the session ? It is not advised. When sweating your body removes not only water, but toxins as well. Supplementing it with water makes it impossible for it to fully cleanse itself.

17. What are the contraindications for sauna usage ?
Not too many, but it is good to know when it could be harmful. First of all, sauna is not recommended for people with circulatory system diseases, since it could trigger fainting, a stroke or even a cardiac arrest. A different method of relax should also be considered by people with diabetes, hyperthyroidism or acute rheumatic condition. Even if there are no direct contraindications, sauna should be postponed during fever or period. Let us also remember, that it is not appropriate for small children, who do not have a fully developed immune system.

18. You have heard that sauna helps reduce cellulite and it sounds appealing, but you are wandering if it is real ?
Yes – it is ! Sauna will not make cellulite disappear like by a touch of a magic wand seconds after you enter it. But it will surely help fight it. Your best ally will be the infrared sauna, its rays penetrate your skin up to 4 centimeters of depth. Thanks to that it energizes your circulation and augments cellulite reduction. Might be worth trying ?

19. Sauna is calming and soothing, we should make sure, that the time spent there is relaxing not only for us, but for our companions as well.
Because of that talking in the sauna is not recommended. Even if we are there with close friends, let’s consider others, who want to rest and may not be interested in our conversations. Let’s show mutual respect in order to make sauna a pleasant memory peace and tranquility for all.

20. Are you wondering if one could use sauna during winter time ?
You could and even should ! The winter is a perfect season for sauna. Why ?
- Sauna increases immunity – this is what we need in the winter and early spring !
- Sauna is warmth, which we lack during colder parts of the year. Sauna not only warms you up, but also improves circulation, so we will feel cold less frequently.
- The wet sauna nicely conditions dry skin – moisture is exactly what such skin needs after exposure to cold and windy weather.

21. Is sauna safe for sure ? Or is it better to avoid it ?
We have already listed contraindications for sauna usage. If there are no obvious health conditions, sauna is safe and we have nothing to worry about, provided that we use it reasonably and stick to best practices and rules.

22. Dry sauna – what makes it to stand out ?

Dry sauna (otherwise referred to as “Finnish sauna”) is specific due to low humidity inside (from 5% to 20%), but is fairly hot (60 – 120 degrees Centigrade). Inside you will find a heater with rocks, which you can use to increase sauna’s temperature and humidity by pouring water over them. 20 minutes in a dry sauna will suffice to help you get rid of up to 400 kcal !

23. Cooling down is a stage of sauna visit, which should not be skipped. Most of us know that, but are not completely sure how to do it properly.
The most frequent method of cooling down is a cold shower. Mind that the body should be cooled down slowly, starting from the feet and then gradually redirecting the water upwards. Another possibility to cool down, specifically in the winter, is going outdoors. Both the shower and cold air cooling should be completed by relaxation in the rest area (quiet room).

24. Sauna with acne – yes or no ?
Persons with acne often wonder if this condition is a contraindication to sauna usage. Actually it is not ! On the contrary, beauticians recommend it in such cases and claim, that already after the first visit one can see improvements to the complexion smoothness. High temperature causes the skin to remove toxins, unclogs sebaceous glands and helps it reduce sebum. Through that the risk of inflammations is lowered. One thing which may be of some discomfort is the need to remove makeup before a session – this is however very important, especially when fighting acne.

25. Shower before sauna or at home ?
One of the most fundamental rules of using sauna is to take a shower right before it. Why is it so important ? Most of all it is needed to wash of the sweat and maintain proper hygiene. And let us remember to dry it off with a towel.

26. Many people wonder if one can use sauna when suffering from sinus infection
Absolutely. Sauna helps cure sinus inflammations. How ? A lot of steam and high temperatures help cleanse upper respiratory system and tone down the inflammation. To unblock your nose you may want to use eucalyptus oil or similar.

27. What happens to blood pressure when in sauna ?
Blood vessels dilate when heating up in sauna and contract when cooling down afterwards. People with hypertension will experience the pressure to drop significantly when in sauna, persons with hypotension will see it grow closer to regular levels. This is another factor confirming that sauna is healthy.

28. Sauna in the summer – yes or no ?
Many use sauna during autumn and winter, but give up on it when it gets warmer. Still, the benefits of sauna are there for us all throughout the year. Beginning sauna sessions in the summer is the best moment, if we want to improve our immune system by wintertime. This is also a way to prepare our body for increased temperatures of summer heat.

29. Can children use sauna ?
Sauna can benefit anybody and that includes children. For many parents, increasing immunity of their child is very important and sauna can assist them in achieving that. Many doctors claim, that the age of three and above already qualifies children for sauna visits. In Finland, where sauna is extremely popular, infants are taken for short visits.

30. Czy alergicy mogą korzystać z sauny?
They actually should ! Sauna has a beneficial effect on people with respiratory allergies, because hot air clears the respiratory systems and makes breathing easier. People struggling with skin allergies can benefit from regular sauna sessions, because its cleansing action helps reduce inflammations.

31. There is a new type of sauna that started getting popular recently, which are infrared saunas.
The heat does not come from a heater with rocks, but from infrared heaters, which radiate infrared light. This type works very deeply on your body, as the rays penetrate your skin to the depth of several centimeters.

32. IN some saunas one can meet a sauna master. Who is that person ?
A sauna master is a person, who runs the sessions. He ensures uniform heat distribution and appropriate application of water over the rocks. Spending time in a sauna in such company can be an interesting experience, so it is worth to identify locations, where on occasion sauna sessions are conducted by sauna masters.

33. What is a bio-sauna and why is it benfitial ?
Bio-sauna is a version of a dry sauna, but staying in it is a lot more pleasant. The temperature is kept around 70 degrees Centigrade and a distinguishing feature is a scent of Canadian spruce. It is good to know that we sweat much faster in such saunas.
34. What should we not do in sauna ?
Remember not to sit directly on wooden boards. Many people repetitively sit in the same spots. Basic hygiene requires you to take a clean towel to sit and rest your feet on it.
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