We have designed, patented and now are giving you
the first in the world Sauna Outfit
Sauna outfit
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Frequently Asked Questions
Which means, what you should know about YEYE products
What are the sauna outfits made of?
Our outfits are made from pure cotton, which allows to take advantage of the benefits of sauna in a healthy manner. Our skin is free to breathe, while the areas that we might otherwise be uncomfortable to expose are subtly covered.
Do Yeye outfits are compatible with sauna rules
YES. In general one should be nude when bathing in the sauna. Nevertheless, many women almost fully cover themselves in towels or pareos due to cultural preferences. Our outfit is fully natural and is in fact a towel or pareo substitute, however it is actually more functional, since it allows us to expose a significant part of our skin to heat and allows its unobstructed breathing, while covering essential private parts.
What is included in the set?
A set is a skirt and a bra packed in a practical, 100% cotton carrying bag, which you can use as a small purse during your sauna visits.
How to choose the size?
The below size guide table is availbe for your reference. If you need the skirt and bra to be of different sizes, write us. We will be glad to assist you with a selection of your personalized set.
Would the material remain so stiff?
It is recommended to wash each set before its first usage. The cotton it is made from will soften after one or two washes. This is inherent for a thick and natural fabric which we have used in our outfits.
Do I have to visit a sauna dressed nothing?
Being nude in sauna is pre-assumed. Even if you are going in it straight after swimming in the pool, a swimsuit is not the right attire. Why ? It is artificial (at least partially) and due to this it makes body temperature control very difficult, on top of that it can be a reason of burns, sometimes serious. So what if you are uncomfortable when naked ? YEYE outfits are cozy and what is more important, they are made from 100% pure natural cotton. Wearing them will make comfortable and instead of feeling awkward, you will simply get relaxed.
We are giving you the flexibility
of drawing full pleasure from
spending time in a sauna,
while taking care
of comfort,
functionality and nature.
As customers say about us
I think this outfit is awesome.

- Jane Zilker
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